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TerraPLEGEL® Dutch

  • Black - 015 (comparable NCS S9000-N)
    Black - 015 (comparable NCS S9000-N)
  • Brick red - 740 (comparable NCS S4040-Y70R)
    Brick red - 740 (comparable NCS S4040-Y70R)
  • Red - 418 (comparable NCS S4550-Y80R)
    Red - 418 (comparable NCS S4550-Y80R)
  • Grey - 035 (comparable NCS S7005-R80B)
    Grey - 035 (comparable NCS S7005-R80B)
  • Green - 830 (comparable NCS S8005-G20Y)
    Green - 830 (comparable NCS S8005-G20Y)
  • Brown - 384 (comparable NCS S8010-Y90R)
    Brown - 384 (comparable NCS S8010-Y90R)

We’re proud to say that TerraPLEGEL is one of Sweden’s best roofing products.

In our popular Dutch version you have a roof that in appearance closely resembles a traditional tile roof.

TerraPLEGEL combines the strength of galvanized steel roofing with the natural appearance of quartz sand, resulting in a product that is reminiscent of an elegant and traditional Scandinavian tile roof. In addition to anti-slip protection, quartz sand coating also gives an attractive finish and good light absorbency.

DurabilityExtremely durable

Fire proofFireproof

Sound proofSound absorbent

WarrantyComprehensive guarantee

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TerraPLEGEL® Dutch

Material: Hot-dip galvanized steel Z275 (275 g zn/m²)
Weight: c. 5.46 kg/m²
Coating: PVC-free polyester coating, sand-texture, three layers of coating, of which two coats are applied after forming.
Gauge: 0.5 mm
Roof pitch: 14-90°
Batten spacing: c/c 525 mm (can be safely walked on over the entire surface), c/c 700 mm (safe to walk on profile valleys and over battens).
Section length: 1 150 – 6 500 mm
Covering width: 1 010 mm

Profile: Dutch profile

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