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PLEGEL® Scandinavian

  • Black - 015 (comparable NCS S9000-N)
    Black - 015 (comparable NCS S9000-N)
  • Brick red - 740 (comparable NCS S4040-Y80R)
    Brick red - 740 (comparable NCS S4040-Y80R)
  • Red - 418 (comparable NCS S5040-Y80R)
    Red - 418 (comparable NCS S5040-Y80R)
  • Grey - 035 (comparable NCS S7502-B)
    Grey - 035 (comparable NCS S7502-B)

PLEGEL® is our most cost-effective tile – profiled roof with continuous lengths of up to 7.2 m. Our Scandinavian profile gives you a roof that in appearance resembles a traditional bold rolled concrete roof.

Long sections mean fewer lengthwise joints and make the roof quick to install, since in most cases you can order sheets that reach all the way from eave to ridge. PLEGEL® gives your house a stylish appearance and has an attractive matte surface. KAMI’s unique manufacturing method means you can have a roof that is fully walkable over the entire surface and withstands severe stress such as heavy snowfall. Several colours and two profiles make it easier for you to find your favourite roof.

DurabilityExtremely durable

Fire proofFireproof

Sound proofSound absorbent

WarrantyComprehensive guarantee

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PLEGEL® Scandinavian

Material: Hot-dip galvanized steel Z275 (275 g zn/m²)
Weight:  4,6 kg/m²
Coating: PVC-free polyester coating, smooth finish, two layers of coating, of which one applied after forming.
Coating thickness: 36 µm
Gauge: 0.5 mm
Roof pitch: 14-90°
Batten spacing: c/c 525 mm (can be safely walked on over the entire surface), c/c 700 mm (safe to walk on profile valleys and over battens).
Section length:  – 7 200 mm
Covering width: 1 000 mm

Profile: Scandinavian

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