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KAMI Roofing - references


Älvsbyhus has chosen Kami as a supplier of roofing sheet, since Kami offers good quality and high delivery assurance.

Kami is a supplier that offers high delivery assurance and flexibility. Kami delivers products of very high quality that meet Vittjärvshus's high demands.

Tornedalshus chooses Kami because they deliver top-class products of very high quality – at the right time and in the right place.

For us, as building professionals, Kami's fast, assured deliveries are important, and we like their product range. TerraPlegel has become our favourite, since we think it is the most beautiful roofing sheet on the market. It is easy to install and stable, so that you can walk anywhere on the roof without damaging it.

Bo-Lennart Björklund, BBS Bygg AB

A few years ago, when I laid a new roof on my home in Haparanda, I chose Kami's black Plegel for both aesthetic and economic reasons. The double-S profile suited the house and the result was outstanding. Kami offers good delivery terms and it feels right to buy from a regional manufacturer. I even have TerraPlegel on my cottage. It's okay to walk on, since it isn't slippery, and the snow build-up doesn't slide off. I have only good things to say about it and I'm very satisfied with my roof.

Mikael Myllymäki, Haparanda

I've always felt that Kami has proper roofing, both to work with and to walk on. The products are very sturdy and you never have to worry about dents when you install them. Personally, I chose the sand-coated TerraPlegel because the snow doesn't slide off. And it's also a very attractive roof. I'm totally satisfied!

Thomas Hjelm, SA Englund Bygg AB

We choose TerraPlegel because of safety (anti-slip coating), superior walkability, customer satisfaction, better sound properties and gentle dewatering.

Pekka Virolainen, Gnesta Plåt

When I laid a new roof on my house several years ago I chose Kami's TerraPlegel because I've always liked Kami's roofing. I even have it on my cottage in the archipelago. My choice of the Scandinavina, (bold rolled), profile was mostly a matter of taste. The snow stays on the roof, so I haven't had to install a snow guard. I've never seen snow sliding off the roof of my cottage, and it has a very steep pitch.

Kjell Johansson, Former President of HÖ Allbygg



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