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Kami roofing - TerraPLEGEL

Care and maintenance of your KAMI roof

Your roof is probably the most wear-resistant part of your home. It must stand up to cold, wind, sun, rain and snow while at the same time withstanding mechanical influences. By inspecting and caring for your roof you can ensure that it will retain its optimal function and attractiveness for many years to come. Look at your roof; other people do.

All types of roofs have their weaknesses; even sheetmetal roofs. By checking and maintaining your roof regularly, you can prolong its life significantly. Make it a habit to inspect your roof annually, for example, every spring. Most problems can be solved, but when it’s nearly time to change your roof, it’s better to do so sooner than later. If you wait too long, the underlying structure may be seriously damaged.

Checklist for annual inspection

To be able to maintain your roof systematically and efficiently, you must inspect it once a year. This gives you a clear indication of the condition of the roof. With this information, you can take the necessary steps to prolong the life of your roof. Make a checklist that includes information about the status of the roof, what needs to be done and what has been done.


More often than not, rain will keep your sheetmetal roof clean. However, there may be a build-up of dirt that the rain cannot wash off. Usually, a soft brush and water will suffice but, in some cases, you might need to use a detergent to clean your roof.

Touching up

Roofing that has sustained minor scratches can be restored with a little touch-up paint. A fine brush is used to apply the paint to the damaged areas. Note, however, that touch-up paint will age differently than the paint on the surrounding surfaces, which is why it is important to paint only the area that has been damaged.

Treating corrosion

Damage to the sheetmetal can quickly lead to a corrosion attack. It is therefore important to repair it as soon as possible.

  1. Scrape, sand or sandblast the area to remove loose organic material.
  2. Remove all rust by sandblasting or sanding the damaged area.
  3. Clean the area with an alkaline degreasing solvent, rinse thoroughly and allow the surface to dry completely.
  4. Paint the entire area with a zinc-based basecoat.
  5. Then, paint the entire area with a finishing coat, preferably in a colour that matches the original. Kami has touch-up paint in our full range of colours.

Treating edge corrosion

Kami’s TerraPlegel and PlusPlegel are protected against edge corrosion, since both products are treated with an electrostatic coating. When the roof is laid it is sometimes necessary, for various reasons, to clip the sheet to size. In this case, the cut edges must be touched up immediately to ensure that they are fully protected. If edge corrosion occurs, treat the affected area as described above in the section “treating edge corrosion”. When you paint, make sure the edges are fully covered.


Refinishing of exterior sheet must always be done professionally using a well-tried and tested coating system. Paint suppliers provide instructions for refinishing with their specific systems. An experienced technician will have all the necessary knowledge to complete the entire refurbishment from inspection to finished roof. Follow the link to download our recommendations for inspection and maintenance.



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