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Kami eternit roof - overlay system

Renovating fibre cement (Eternit) roofs

Fibre cement (Eternit) has been used as building material for more than a hundred years. The name Eternit comes from the word Eternity. The material was highly appreciated for its strength, durability and ability to withstand high temperatures. After the Second World War, it was in high demand. Eternit fibre cement was often used as roof and facade cladding.

In the 1970s however, the first asbestos reports came. People working in Eternit factories developed lung cancer and breathing difficulties, and many of them died because of this. Within a couple of years, the asbestos type that Eternit contained was banned, and in 1977, the manufacturer of Eternit ceased. Many of those who own or are presumptive buyers of houses containing Eternit become worried. How dangerous in fact is Eternit when installed in a house and what should one do? Remove it as quickly as possible? Replace it with something else? How in that case should you proceed?

KAMI’s Eternit renovation system - a overlay system

There is a smart solution to the problem of Eternit roofs. With KAMI’s unique method for Eternit renovation it is no longer necessary to tear out and transport all the Eternit. The method we offer simply involves leaving the Eternit on your roof and instead covering it with our specially developed overlay system for Eternit roofs. It is a simpler and more environment friendly approach that in addition is highly economical.

The technique is based on placing KAMI’s PLEGEL roofs on a overlay system of steel battens and counter battens. Installation is fast and can be carried out without any risk from asbestos dust. Thereby you avoid handling, unnecessary transport and expensive disposal costs for the Eternit. At the same time, the old roof functions as an under-roof.

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