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Common questions about laying a sheetmetal roof

Laying a new roof is a big investment and you probably have a lot of questions. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.


How long does delivery take; when can we get our material?

Deliverytime ex works our factory is two work weeks after order and approved material specification. Transport time will be added and depends on delivery address. Delivery times may be shorter during the low season.

Where is my order?

Contact us on telephone no: 01189 421300, or e-mail sales@kamisheeting.co.uk We'll help you to locate your order.

How do I find information about the shipping number and carrier?

You are always welcome to contact us. We'll provide you with the shipping number and the name of the carrier who is delivering your order.

Does my new roof carry a warranty and are there any maintenance instructions?

Our roofing comes with a warranty and maintenance instructions. Just contact us; we'll advise you on how to care for your roof and explain our warranty terms.

How do I install sheetmetal roofing?

You can find our installation guides on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

How do I install battens for my roofing?

For full walkability across the surface, batten spacing is normally 525 mm. Screws are normally placed every other batten, i.e. C/C 1,050 mm, starting from the edge of the eaves. Read our installation instructions, or contact us and we'll answer your questions on battening.

I need help with my roofing calculation. Who do I contact?

Just contact us and we will assist you with your roofing calculation! 

Where do I find price information?

Please contact us for priceing, roof calculations, etc and we will take care of your request.


What is the cover width of your sheet?

On TerraPLEGEL, PlusPLEGEL and PLEGEL, our Dutch profile has a cover width of 1,010 mm, while the Scandinavian profile covers 1,000 mm. KAMI TP covers a width of 1,000 mm and KAMI Classic 502 mm.

How many screws do I need to install my roofing?

The recommendations specify 7 screws per square metre (with our 4.8x35 screw). With our 4.8x20 screw, you'll need 30% more screws than you would with 4.8x35. Our screws are sold in bags of 250 pcs. Please note that you always need to check fastenings for wind loads etc.

Can I use your roofing on a roof with a slope less than 14 degrees?

The lowest recommended pitch for our tile-effect profiled roofing sheet is 14 degrees. If you plan to lay roofing on a lower pitch, contact Kami for advice.

What do I need to know about laying a new sheetmetal roof?

We think you should choose the sheetmetal roofing that appeals to you; i.e. with the right profile, surface finish and colour. Installation-wise, our Plegel roofing retains its form and can be walked on over a 525 mm batten spacing, which greatly simplifies handling and installation.

Read our installation guide! There, you'll find a lot of good advice and things that you will need to consider.

What tools do I need to install my new sheetmetal roof?

Good tools to have are: hammer, metal shears, nibbling machine and power screwdriver. You'll also need a long ruler or tape measure and a string that you can set up to maintain a straight edge along the eaves. To cut TerraPLEGEL, we recommend a circular saw with our tiger tooth blade. In some cases, a jigsaw can be used. Read our installation instructions for further advice.

Do I have to install a snow guard if I choose TerraPLEGEL?

You must follow applicable laws and regulations, even with TerraPLEGEL. Unfortunately, there is no standard rating for roofing surface as snow-slide protection.

My house has an old Eternit roof. Can I lay the new sheetmetal roofing over the old roofing, or do I have to remove it first?

Normally, you can; but there are a few important things you should know. Before starting, contact us to discuss the project.

Does sheetmetal roofing rust?

Our products are well protected against corrosion by a colour surface coating and, for our product TerraPLEGEL, even a sand-texture coating. Under the colour layer there is also a zinc layer, which protects against corrosion. Naturally, if the protective coating is damaged, corrosion can occur. It is therefore important to inspect and maintain the roofing according to our guidelines.

I've heard that, over time, sheetmetal roofing can start to flake. Is that true?

We are not aware that this can happen with today's modern products and surface coatings. During the '90s this happened with some products on the market, but none of these are in our product range. There are no reports of flaking ever occurring on our TerraPLEGEL, which we have produced since 1984.

How do I make longitudinal joints?

Use a 100 mm overlap. Joints must be made directly over battens by screwing through both sheets. See out installation instructions.

How long are the longest sheets?

PLEGEL 0.5 mm and AluPLEGEL 0.6 mm are delivered in lengths of up to 7,200 mm. TerraPLEGEL 0.5 mm and Hi Load 0.9 mm, and PlusPLEGEL 0.5 mm are delivered in lengths of max. 6,500 mm.



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