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Install the KAMI roof

Installing the KAMI roof yourself

KAMI’s sheet metal roofs are lightweight and robust, and they are as suitable for renovation work as for new constructions. We have developed them to be easily installed, which means that you can install your KAMI roof yourself. However, we recommend that you consult a professional roofer if you feel unsure. If however you are used to roof installation, on this page you can get useful tips on how to install your own KAMI roof. At the bottom you will also find installation instructions for all roofs.

Before you plan the installation of your KAMI roof, we would like to make it clear that the lowest pitch for our tile profile roofs is 14 degrees. When installing on a lower pitch, we ask you to consult us at KAMI. If it is an old fibre cement (Eternit) roof you are thinking of replacing, you can read more about it here.

Our roofs withstand time and the seasons, and in other words will serve you well for a long time to come. Therefore, choose your roof with care based on what you prefer as regards profile, surface and colour. As regards assembly, our KAMI roofs keep their shape and are fully walkable at a batten distance of 525 mm, which considerably simplifies your handling and installation of the roof. We therefore warmly recommend PLEGEL roofs.

When you are going to install a roof, preparations are necessary. We recommend that you have these tools available: hammer, plate shears, nibbling machine and power driver. You also need something to measure with (folding rule, tape measure or similar), and perhaps a guide line for straight mounting at the base of the roof. For cutting our product TerraPLEGEL, we recommend a circular saw with our cutting blade or a Tigersaw. In some cases a jigsaw is also useful. The roof is then installed using screws, and the recommendations are to use seven screws per square metre. This applies to our 4.8x35 screws. When it comes to our 4.8x20 screws, you can count on 30% more than?? the number you arrived at for the 4.8x35 dimension. Our screws are sold in boxes of 250.

As we mentioned earlier, we recommend a batten distance of 525 mm for full walkability across the surface. Screws are normally inserted in every other batten, that is to say C/C distance 1050 mm beginning at the base of the roof. You can also consult our installation instructions for more information, or contact us and we will help you with any questions to do with batten location. To achieve good lengthwise joints, count on an overlap of 100 mm. the lengthwise joint is to be made above the batten and screws inserted through both sheets.

Easy-to-download installation instructions for your roof below:


AluPLEGEL (addition)




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