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  • Black - 16N (comparable NCS S9000-N)
    Black - 16N (comparable NCS S9000-N)

AluPLEGEL® is a more lightweight roofing solution that still gives a strong roof structure. With this roofing, a roof surface of 150 m2 weighs a mere 320 kg.

Highly suited for areas exposed to weather and wind, for example coastal areas, or when the underlying construction does not allow high additional loads. Glossy black polyester and Dutch profile gives an appearance resembling a traditional sheet metal roof.

DurabilityExtremely durable

Fire proofFireproof

Sound proofSound absorbent

WarrantyComprehensive guarantee

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AluPLEGEL® Dutch

Material: Aluminium
Weight: 2,1 kg/m²
Coating: Matte, PVC-free polyester coating
Gauge: 0.6 mm
Roof pitch: 14-90°
Batten spacing: c/c 350 mm (can be safely walked on over the entire surface).
Section length:  – 7 200 mm
Covering width: 1 010 mm

Profile: Dutch

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