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Kami Plegel tenant owners associations

Tenant-Owners’ Association

Changing the roof on a property is something you very seldom do. At least, you should not need to do it particularly often. As a property owner therefore it is important to carefully consider your choice of roof; as regards the appearance and function of the roof as well as its durability. It is a question of making conscious choices – what requirements does the roof have to meet? What weather conditions must it withstand? What appearance is appropriate for the property and its surroundings?

The most durable roofs on the market

In 1978, KAMI roofing invented the tile-like sheet metal roof in long sections. Our name for it would be PLEGEL. Since that day we have developed and increased our assortment of sheet metal roofing. The fact that development and production takes place in Kalix, in northernmost Sweden, means that the roofs are produced in and for one of the most extreme environments in the world. Thanks to that we can offer the most durable roofs on the market, which stand up to both time and the seasons; despite a variable climate – sun, rain, hard winds and heavy snow loads. In addition they are so strong that you can walk on them without causing damage or ugly dents. Our first roof, which was installed in Kalix in 1978, still looks good – testimony to the high quality we deliver.

Real freedom of choice

Our roofs are available in many different styles, colours and properties. Our assortment has something for every taste. All the roofs are of extremely high quality, but the different properties of the roofs can be more or less suitable depending on what requirements you set for your roof. The premium product, TerraPLEGEL, for example reduces the risk from sliding snow, while AluPLEGEL is particularly suitable for coastal areas with high salinity områden med hög salthalt. In consultation with us you can find the best roof for your particular property, as regards both appearance and function.

Simple installation

It is simple and time-effective to install our roofs. PLEGEL roofs are particularly popular among roofers, since they are available in continuous lengths of up to 7.2 m. That means fewer lengthwise joints and makes the roof quicker to install.

We chose KAMI Roofing

More and more tenant-owners’ associations see the advantages of KAMI. Those who choose us make high quality demands and want the roofs to be durable for a long time to come, as regards both the aesthetic and the function. We can guarantee that. Here we present some of the tenant-owners’ associations that have chosen KAMI Roofing when replacing roofs. If you want to know more about what they think, you are welcome to contact them.

BRF Tårtan, Östersund, Sweden

When BRF Tårtan renovated its roofs in 2013 they chose to change the roofing from shingles to KAMI’s TerraPLEGEL.

For more information, contact:

Chair BRF Tårtan, Ove Wengfelt: +460-556 73 56


BRF Stigbygeln, Trollhättan, sweden

When BRF Stigbygeln renovated some of its roofs in 2013 they chose to install KAMI’s TerraPLEGEL HiLoad.

For more information, contact:

BRF Konsult, Jonny Leandersson: +46510-143 57, jonny.brfkonsult@telia.com

BRF Örnen, Vänersborg, sweden

When BRF Örnen renovated their roof in 2011 they chose to install KAMI’s TerraPLEGEL.

For more information, contact:

Chair BRF Örnen, Leif Berggren, +46521-174 54

Bryggaren 5-6 & Venus 1, Hjo, Sweden

In 2013, Wennergrens Byggnads AB chose to renovate the fibre cement (Eternit ) roofs on Bryggaren 5-6 and Venus 1. The renovation comprised six properties with a total of 4,691 m2 of roofing. They then chose KAMI’s smart solution for renovating fibre cement (Eternit ) roofs and eventually replaced it with double-S PlusPLEGEL.

Read more about: KAMI’s solution for fibre cement (Eternit ) roofs




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